Mike White & Ron Dunbar

Adam Murray

If you want to work with the best, find the guy that’s spent half of their life refining their God given talent. Adam has been programming for over 15 years but his passion does not stop at developing and designing websites. He specializes in solving problems using technology and creating custom web based applications to...

Rick McFarland

Rick is our drone specialist with an engineering background in IT system design. Rick built our first quad drone in 2012 and has been flying our fleet ever since. Rick also adds his talents as cameraman for our live events and is a technician extraordinaire.

Chad Smith

Chad has been working in the video world for a long time and has added a lot of experience to our team, especially in “live” production environments. He loves staying up on the latest gear and gadgets that keep your productions looking sharp and start of the art.

Andrea Dubois

Since the age of 5, Andrea has been in and around TV studios and video production. For more than a decade Andrea has created and produced hundreds of TV programs, documentaries, live events and training videos. Today her duties include overseeing the operations at CTV7 Augusta and serving as a senior producer for DSM. Her...

Andrew Collar

Andrew is a veteran of the U.S. Navy where he picked up his background in advanced electronics. In 1992 he founded Ursus Production and spent the next 17 years producing TV programs that ran on NESN, The Outdoor Channel and other syndicated broadcast and cable outlets in New England. Today he oversees the operations at...